2018 AYSO EXTRA Program


What is AYSO Extra Program?
The AYSO EXTRA program is a competitive soccer league designed to provide a higher level of play for those players who possess the appropriate skills, abilities, and drive. The EXTRA program is designed to enhance each player’s experience and individual growth through the game of soccer while retaining the spirit, organization and six philosophies of AYSO. To learn more click here.






extrapic4Who are the coaches?
EXTRA coaches are experienced coaches who typically have at least 5 years of coaching and a minimum of U12 level with some all star and/or tournament experience. Coaches are selected by the Regional Board and must submit an application and undergo a review of their skills and experience. If you’re interested in coaching an EXTRA team please contact the EXTRA coordinator: johnwawee@yahoo.com.






Which teams do we play against?extrapic5
EXTRA teams play against teams from other regions usually located reasonably close to home (within 30 miles). The leagues or “conferences” are organized every year depending on which regions have teams participating in the appropriate age groups.  There are usually 6 to 10 teams in a conference and you will play each team once or twice. The game schedule is usually set up so that you will alternate between home and away games.

What is the cost?
The regular region registration fee will need to be paid for each player. In addition, the EXTRA program player fees are typically $150-$200 and it will cover a 2nd uniform, trainer fees and fees for EXTRA Playoffs. Additional fees will be required for tournaments to be determined. Optional fees could include warm-ups, bags, etc.




extrapic6How long will the season last?
The Fall season will begin practicing in August (like we do for the regular AYSO season) with regular season running through November. In addition, there will be a post season playoff competition along with an inter-sectional tournament.

Will the Extra program utilize the ¾ play rule?
Yes. All players will play at least ¾ of every game (where roster size permits). This is one of the core guidelines for AYSO. However we expect in return a commitment to attend most practices and all games. For those players who habitually miss practice or games will not be invited back to play EXTRA the following year.








What is the time commitment for practice?extrapic7
Practices will be twice a week for 1 ½ to 2 hours each practice session beginning in August 1st.








Are there any commitments for parents?
Yes, parental participation is an important part of the EXTRA program.

Each EXTRA team must provide:

  • A head coach
  • An assistant coach
  • 3 x referees
  • A team parent
  • Snack bar volunteers





extrapic9Will there be tournaments?
Yes. Extra teams will be allowed to participate in pre-season tournaments and AYSO invitational tournaments which will take place during November through June. The cost to enter into each of these tournaments will run $40 to $50 per player per tournament. In addition, there will be some pre-season tournaments in August and September which will only be open to Extra teams. The cost will also run $40 – $50 per player.




Tryout Information

If you’d like to know more about the North Valley EXTRA program contact johnwawee@yahoo.com.

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