EXTRA Program Guidelines

Guidelines for Referee crews officiating EXTRA games at North Valley

Referee eligibility

Referees involved in the EXTRA games must be of the appropriate badge level for the player age groups


Regional – U10

Intermediate – U11/U12

Advanced – U13/U14


The Regional Commissioner will approve referee assignments for EXTRA games.


Pre game checks

As well as the usual player equipment checks, each AR is responsible to check there is a valid ID card for each player present, and that the coach and assistant coaches are wearing coach ID badges. If necessary you may also ask the coach to produce the team roster signed by his/her RC.

Note: Players serving a suspension due to a red card are not allowed to play. Each region’s EXTRA program coordinator is responsible for confiscating their region’s player ID cards in the case of a red card.


During play

Injuries requiring a player to leave the field must be reported on the line up card.

Injuries requiring medical attention require the coach to submit an incident report to the RC and EXTRA Program Coordinator.

Cautions (yellow cards) and send offs (red cards) must be recorded on the line up card.


Post game

Center ref to ensure that the line up cards match.

If any noteworthy incidents occur please write your phone number on the line up card so I can call you if additional details are needed.

Please hand the line up cards to the RC or EXTRA Program Coordinator. If neither is present please cards in the usual storage box and we will pick up later in the day.

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