Snack Bar

AYSO is an all-volunteer organization and we encourage all parents to set an example of volunteerism for our children. The adults working in the Snack Bar are all volunteers.

Parents are encouraged to support the Snack Bar by fulfilling a two-hour shift. Parents who work their shift will receive $20.00 at the end of their shift. Each family is limited to one $20 payment per registered player.

Since the coach and team referee already perform substantial volunteer work, his/her family will receive $20 for performing their coach or referee duties, in lieu of working in the Snack Bar. However, only one team coach and one team referee qualify. Coaches can collect their $20 after their first game has been played. Referees can collect their $20 after they have completed at least two game assignments. Note that only those coaches and referees who have a registered player qualify for the $20 payment.

For safety purposes please be sure to wear tennis shoes ”No sandals or opened toed shoes are allowed in the Snack Bar for health and safety reasons” no exceptions.


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