AYSO 174 Upcoming Events

Dear Family,

Here is a reminder for our upcoming events in the next couple of weeks.

1.  Team Parents – Pictures- We expect to receive Pictures tomorrow.  They will be distributed this Saturday, October 22, 2016 by the snack bar.  Only team parents should pick up the pictures foe their respective team.  They will distribute them to the parents in their team.

2. Candy Drive-  This fundraiser ends this Saturday,  October 22, 2016.  Please turn in all monies to our coordinator at the office trailer by the picnic area.

3. Picture Make-Up Date –  The date for make-ups is next Saturday, October 29th from 8:00 – 10:00.  This will only be individual pictures, not team.

4. Coaches:  All Star, Tournament Team and Turkey Tournament coach applications are now available.   If you are interested in coaching any of these programs please submit an application for consideration.  The applications are available at the Team Parent table located by the snack bar and on our website atayso174.org under the Coach tab.  These applications are due by Saturday, October 29th.  Contact your respective division coordinator if you have any questions. 

5.  Turkey Tournament Player Applications- Applications are now available for players who are interested in participating in the 2016 Turkey Tournament.  This tournament will take place Friday, November 25 through Saturday, November 26, 2016 at a local region.  Play could continue into Sunday, November 27 depending on how a team performs.  Player eligibility for this tournament is listed on the application.  The application is available at the Team Parent table located by the snack bar and on our website ayso174.org under the Turkey Tournament tab.  The deadline for these forms is Saturday, October, 29th.

6.  Day of Giving – Saturday,  November 5, 2016- On this day we will be holding two events to support our local community. They are: The American Cancer Society Blood Drive.  Why not give your blood to a needy cause rather than to those goblins and ghouls on Halloween night.  The other is the Canned Food Drive.  All food collected will be donated to MEND (Meeting Everyone’s Needs with Dignity).  

See you all at our soccer home….


Picture Day Reminder

Dear Soccer Family,

It’s time for our kids to show off their pearly whites.  Yes, it’s picture day at NV174 this coming Saturday, September 24th.  A schedule for the picture times was provided last Saturday up by the Team Parent table.  The schedule is also posted on our website; click here to access it.

The schedule is tight and compressed so being organized, timely and prepared are of the essence.  The pictures will be taken in 15 minute intervals.


  1. Please arrive to the picture area at least 15 minutes before your picture time
  2. Check in at the table
  3. Get your players, asst coach, and team parent together as soon as possible
  4. Go to your respective Picture station (1, 2 or 3) as designated on the picture schedule.


  1. Kids should be in uniform
  2. Please arrive 15 minutes before your picture time
  3. Complete the picture order form in advance of your scheduled time. The forms were handed out Saturday, September 10th.  If you misplaced it, there will be extra forms at the picture tables.
  4. Meet your coach at your designated station (1,2 or 3) per the picture schedule

THE STANDARD PACKAGE which is free contains:

  • – 1 8X10 Composite Memory mate that includes team picture, individual picture
  • – 4 Individual Wallets
  • – 1 Photo Button

PICTURE LOCATION: Pictures will be taken in the open area between the Mustang and Pony baseball fields.  Click on this link to access the map: https://ayso174.org/about-us/map/

Happy Smiles!


Opening Day Letter

It is here once again.  The day that will start off what will be yet another great season here at NV 174 is very near.

The NV 174 Opening Day ceremonies and festivities are this coming Saturday, September 10, 2016 at our amazing Soccer Complex.

The ceremony will begin promptly at 10:00.


  1. Take your kid(s) by the snack bar area (Home Side of Field C) no later than 9:30 to meet with their coach.
  2. The kids should be in uniform.


  1. Make sure to be by the snack bar area no later than 9:30
  2. Assemble your team by the snack bar by Field C. Your team will be assigned a specific spot on the field.
  3. If you have a team name, please forward that to Jennifer Low as soon as possible via email. Make sure to indicate your team number and division (I.e GU10, BU10, etc).  Her email account is Kiddoclown@aol.com.
  4. If you have an early morning game on Saturday…..Have your team arrive in time to get organized and instructed. These games MUST start on time so they finish on time. This should provide you with enough time to organize your team and be at your designated area by the snack bar for opening ceremonies.


  1. Please make every effort to start the early games on time in order to get everyone ready for opening day ceremonies at 10:00.
  2. If running behind and it is necessary to adjust the games, please do so.

Board Members:

THANK YOU!!!  Together we did it.  You invested a lot of time, effort and patience the last 3-4 months preparing and getting all things ready.  We are a Successful Region because of each and every one of you……

Snack Bar:

The snack bar will be closed temporarily on Saturday from 9:45 – 10:30 to give everyone time to coordinate with their teams for the opening ceremony and get situated on the field.   The snack tickets , if not exchanged at the snack bar by 9:45, will be handled when the snack bar is re-opened upon completion of opening ceremonies.

I want  to Thank You everyone for your time, dedication, support and patience as we have been preparing for this day.  It takes a lot of time, effort and coordination by all involved.

I realize there was much frustration regarding the game schedule as it was delayed .   As much as we try our hardest every year to get this out sooner rather than later, there are many circumstances beyond our control that make this challenging.

The game schedule can only be completed once all teams have been established.  In order for this process to start, players need to be registered and paid as timely as possible.  The sooner the players are registered, the sooner the region can begin identifying and recruiting coaches.  Then the teams are created.  The number of teams created by division is dependent on the number of coaches that are available.  So as you can see, this is a ripple effect with many dependencies.

Again, many thanks to each and every one of you; Parents, coaches, referees, board members and youth volunteers .  Together we make a great Soccer Family and a very successful AYSO program.

May we all have a great Fall 2016 Season!


Commissioner’s Letter

Dear North Valley 174 Soccer Family,

Thank you so much for your interest in AYSO and becoming part of a great Soccer Family here at North Valley 174.

AYSO is considered the “Biggest Soccer Club in the World”. It is going 50+ years strong since its foundation in 1965. It is a National program that serves over 500,000+ youth and their families. Fostering and continuously growing a great program like this doesn’t happen on its own. The success of our program is fueled by the efforts of great volunteers. Nationwide, AYSO is supported by 150,000+ volunteers. All positions within AYSO, all the way up to the National office, are volunteers.

You may not realize that it takes hundreds of volunteers to keep our local North Valley AYSO program flourishing.  The great volunteers that support our kids in this soccer family are found in YOU.  Without enough volunteers, we risk having to turn away players.  You can make the difference between a good program for your kids and a GREAT program.  Volunteering not only promotes a great program; it is also a good opportunity to engage with your child and to create lasting memories.

Please consider becoming part of a great volunteer program here at North Valley.  We are looking for coaches, assistant coaches, team parents and referees.  At this very moment you are probably thinking “I am not qualified for any of these positions”.  No worries….AYSO will provide the appropriate training at our soccer complex at no cost to you.  We also have a great team of mentors and coordinators that can answer questions and provide support as you grow and develop throughout the years.  We invite you to join us in making this season a successful and rewarding one for our kids.

The sooner we get volunteers for the various positions, the sooner teams can get created and organized.  To get your volunteer experience started go to: https://www.eayso.org/StartPage.aspx?ReturnUrl=%2fHomePage.aspx , select “Create a New Account” and follow the prompts for a new volunteer.

After you complete the new volunteer form, reach out to the following for additional information:

Coach / Assistant Coach:              Jairo Osorio                jairoo@ayso174.org

John Moran               johnmoransoccer13@icloud.com


Referee :                                            Mike Arnone               ayso174rra@gmail.com

Team Parent:                                   Tina Diaz                      tinad@ayso174.org

Jenny Thomas            jene1930@gmail.com

To read a description of each position please click on the following:

Coach / Assistant Coach: http://www.ayso.org/Assets/Volunteer+Descriptions/volunteer_coach.pdf

Referee:                               http://www.ayso.org/AssetFactory.aspx?vid=6949

Team Parent:                      http://www.ayso.org/For_Families/become_team_parent.htm#

THANK YOU very much for your time and consideration in becoming a very essential and important part of AYSO.


Commissioner NV174

Congrats BU10 Champs!

Congratulations to the BU10 team for winning the California Strawberry Cup!

Mark Lahr Memorial

Dear Soccer Family,

As many of you may know Mark Lahr, a member of our soccer family who was both a coach and referee, passed away last week. It is a big loss to our family. His family will be holding a memorial at our soccer fields. The date is Monday March 21, 2016 at 7:00pm. Please attend and support the Lahr family.

Also, the family would appreciate any support you provide with donations at the following link:

Mark’s family needs us. Please help.

Thank you

2015 Western States Champions U10 Fast & Furious

2015 Western States Champions U10 Fast & Furious

-Beat Burbank 1-0 at the “Area” Championships
-Beat Valencia 0-0 (5-4) in penalty kicks in Bakersfield at the “Section” Championships
-Beat a 26-0 North Huntington Beach 2-1 at the “Western States” Championships. 2,000+ teams overall

Team1_edited-324 John and Oscar

AYSO National Games

Dear AYSO 174 Family,

The 50th Anniversary AYSO National Games came and went. They took place in Torrance and Riverside, California in July. On behalf of our entire soccer family I would like to Congratulate all of the players and families of the six teams who attended these week long events. All the players represented 174 with a high level of Sportsmanship and played their hearts out in light of the hot days. The teams played anywhere from 7 – 10 games in a period of 5 continuous days.

Four of the teams made it to the final days of the event and came home with medals; 3 First Place and 1 Third Place.

Congratulations to all who participated and attended these exciting games. They are all WINNERS!

GU12 national games 2




















GU16 Nationals
















U14 Boys All-Stars Win AYSO California State Championship









Region 174 u14 Boys All Stars won the AYSO California State Championship on March 16, 2014 in Bakersfield, CA. The team won their semi final match against a Section 11 team from North Park, CA (Region 785). The score of the match was 3 – 2.

The Championship match was against another Section 11 team from Fountain Valley, CA (Region 5). The final score was 3 – 1.

The team is coached by Daniel Diaz and Steve Ortiz. This is the second time in 2 years that Region 174 has had a team win a State Championship. Last year, the u14 Girls All Star team won the California AYSO State Championship.

Congratulations to the players on the team for the outstanding team work and winning attitude.

45 Year Lease Secured for Youth Ball Fields in Granada Hills…


From Councilperson Englander’s December 14, 2012  E-News

At the Metropolitan Water District (MWD) Board meeting on Tuesday, Dec. 11, we secured the final approval for a 45 year lease agreement between MWD, Department of Water and Power (DWP), and the Granada Hills Youth Recreation Center.

We worked for 10 years to find a way to ensure that the thousands of boys and girls from our community could continue to use the Granada Hills ball fields for generations to come. This is more than simply a soccer field – generations of youth in our community have grown up playing soccer and baseball at this facility, learning the values of sportsmanship, community involvement and team work. Many families have fond memories from years of spending Saturdays and Sundays watching their children play soccer and baseball.

10 years ago, MWD needed to expand their water filtration operations and needed the space where the ball fields were located, and there was no suitable alternative location. It was possible that our community would have lost this cherished resource. Our office, DWP, MWD and the Mayor’s office were able to find a mutually beneficial solution that provided a location to MWD for their operations on City property, and we secured the 45-year lease so that we could keep the ball fields at the current location in Granada Hills.