10U – 14U Regional Playoff Schedules Posted

Playoff schedules for the 10U – 14U divisions are now available and can be found here.

Fields OPEN 11/10/18

Games will be played as scheduled today, November 10.

Fields closed 10/31/18

The fields will be closed today 10/31/18. Please have a happy and safe Halloween!

Blood Drive 10/20

Hi North Valley families,

Just a reminder that the Blood Drive is being held at our fields this Saturday, October 20 from 8 am – 4 pm. Additionally, Be The Match registry will be on-site from 9 am – 1 pm.

All Blood Drive donors will receive a free:
* Event t-shirt and goodie bag
* Breakfast or lunch
* Ice cream coupon

Blood Drive20178Flyer_PROMOTION (1)

Games On for 10/13

Games will continue as scheduled for today, Saturday, October 13.

G8U on C1 at 8 am and B12U on D at 8:30 will be rescheduled for another day.


Thank you.

September 29 is Silent Saturday

Just a reminder that this Saturday is Silent Saturday.

The objectives for this Saturday are:

* To reemphasize that the game is about letting the kids play and have fun!

* To give the players a chance to play totally on their own.

* To eliminate the verbal questioning of the referee’ decisions.

* To help the few parents and coaches who feel they must provide constant direction, and to understand that the kids can play very well on their own with limited instruction.

Coaches may not provide any direction – verbal or non-verbal – to the players on the field. They may speak quietly to players who are on the bench and they may address the team during quarter breaks and halftime – in a normal tone.

Spectators may not make any verbal comments on the game or direct any comments to players, coaches or referees – either on or off the field – this Saturday! You are encouraged to cheer for your team in creative, non-verbal ways. Clapping is allowed! Noisemakers, bullhorns, cars honking, etc are not allowed.

Players are encouraged to speak to each other on the field. They are encouraged to provide support and direction to each other. Players on the bench may cheer freely in a positive manner, but may not provide instruction from the bench.

Referees have been instructed that if coaches and spectators are not following the rules, they may stop the game to issue a warning. Should the behavior continue and they need to stop the game again, they may terminate the match.

So this Saturday, pull up a chair and just watch your kids go out there and have fun! That’s what this is all about.

2018 Picture Day Schedule

Our Picture Day Schedule is now available. Please make sure to check with your coaches for any last minute changes.


Picture Day Schedule 2018 2pm

Opening Day Ceremonies

2018 Fall Schedules Now Available

2018 Fall season schedules are now posted to the site for all divisions, please click here to see them.

You can also find the schedules under the “Programs” tab at the top of our webpage.

VIP Program

Dear Region 174 families,

AYSO’s goal is for every child to have the opportunity to play soccer. One of our core philosophies is “Everyone Plays” and the VIP (Very Important Player) program plays an important role in fulfilling that philosophy.

The mission of the AYSO VIP program is to provide a quality soccer experience for individuals whose physical or mental disabilities make it difficult for them to participate on mainstream soccer teams.

VIP teams may include, but are not limited to children or adults who are:

  • Blind or visually impaired
  • Amputees or conditions that impair mobility
  • Autistic
  • Down syndrome
  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Mental or emotionally challenged

The VIP program benefits all participants involved, not just the players. Buddies and other volunteers find their lives are greatly enriched by their involvement with their new VIP friends as they increase their understanding and appreciation of people with special needs.

For parents and caregivers who may have thought they would never see their children playing a sport and belonging to a group, VIP renews hope and gives them joy. They are able to relax and enjoy watching their VIP players having fun like everyone else.

See the attached flyer for registration information and to pass along to anyone who might be interested in participating. For more information regarding our VIP program, please contact Kay Holmen at (818) 547-5040; kch@kpclegal.com.

Yours in soccer,
Morgan Saffari,
Regional Commissioner, AYSO Region 174

VIP reg flyer 2018